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To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lewis and Clark's journey up the Missouri River, Joan Faith, a local teacher, designed a stuffed prairie dog. These "barking squirrels" were discovered by Lewis & Clark on September 7, 1804, near the Tower (Old Baldy) north of Lynch. The stuffed prairie dog is hand crafted by a group of volunteer women in Lynch and has been named "Lynch Dawg." Each black tailed Dawg is unique and has its own personality.

Volunteer workers of Lynch, Nebr., are making a limited number of stuffed prairie dogs. The citizens of Lynch are using this for a souvenir item in preparation for the Lewis and Clark bicentennial expedition in 2004.

To purchase this Lynch souvenir, use the order form below, or better yet, come and visit and take a Dawg home with you!

Lynch Public Schools Order Form

These souvenirs are available in Lynch for $15.75, tax included. If you prefer to have one mailed, add $7.50 postage and handling for a total of $23.25.

Since there is only a limited number that will be made, orders will be filled on a first order basis. If possible, we will send your order in 6 weeks or less. If your order cannot be filled, you will be notified and your check returned.

Sitting on his haunches, the "Lynch Dawg" stands 9" tall and has a black tail. No two prairie dogs are the same. Each has its own unique personality.

If you would like to order a "Lynch Dawg", please return the following order form with a check for $23.25 each to cover cost, tax, postage and handling.

Mail your order with payment to: Joan Faith, 89689 503rd Avenue, Lynch, NE 68746

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

City: ____________________   State: _______________   Zip: _______________

Number of "Lynch Dawgs" requested: __________________________________

Total Amount Enclosed: _______________________________________________
                                            (Price per unit: $15.75 plus $7.50 postage and handling)

All proceeds go to the Lynch Community Club for the promotion of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial expedition in 2004.

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